Typographic city maps, hand printed screen prints. Every neighbourhood's location is carefully researched and every letter set one by one into its exact location to form a real map of your city. More than 150 type maps of places worldwide available.

Our type maps are not made by pushing a button and let the computer do the job, but every single letter is turned and fit by hand to best fit into the actual space and location of the naeighbourhood. For that, we do a very detailed research of each city, before we can start placing the letters, including inofficial areas and neighbourhoods, that you won't find on an average map. We hand print the posters at our own screen print shop. Look out for our unique multi-layered prints available only at design markets of our choice!

PRAGUEMARKET /1/ JARO / 7. 3. – 8. 3.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha