Natural gemstone jewelry inspired by the minimalistic Japanese design, incorporating and adopting both European and South American jewelry making techniques. Fuku means happiness in Japanese, and Fuku Jewelry is hoping to bring happiness into your life with unique gemstone creations from all around the world.

Unique, one-of-a-kind designs focused on harmonious creations based on the stone's natural properties. Fuku Jewelry also offers tailor-made, custom jewelry creations which would correspond to the customer's wishes. Have a favorite piece that is in need of repair? Now offering jewelry revitalization while you wait!

Fuku Jewelry is all hand-made by Czech researcher Monika Arnoštová, who has been studying jewelry-making techniques, and collecting natural gemstones around the world while completing research work toward her PhD. Having lived in China and Japan for nearly six years, her love of the culture and people has inspired her, and transpired into Fuku Jewelry, which continues to spread around the world with time spent in the Caribbean, mainly in the US Virgin Islands and Colombia.

PRAGUEMARKET /12/ LÉTO / 24. 8. – 25. 8.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha