NATURALBOHEMIA * Go au naturel with your choice from a blend of natural treasures

My name is Pavla Mactavish and the theme for my products is "Natural Bohemia". I am an adventurer, artist, animal lover, and gypsy at heart. I am also cosmopolitan and love sharing music over coffee with intimate friends. My home is Prague, plus I have a workshop in Italy. So I divide my time living in this magical place and working in the living painting that is Umbria. I sell my work "on the road" and online. I hope we can meet sometime, somewhere and share our interest in things of beauty.

Beauty is close to love, and art is just something everyone needs. I believe that colors bring joy to life, so my interest is designing one-of-a-kind bead creations. Olive wood products I offer are simple and rustic but always beautiful and useful.

I hope you will find some treasures I have made or found for you. Stop by when you see me selling "on the road", like at an outdoor market in the Czech Republic. My web shops may be interesting if we do not meet for that coffee to appreciate together living with beautiful things.

PRAGUEMARKET /5/ JARO / 12. 5. – 13. 5.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha

PRAGUEMARKET /7/ LÉTO / 9. 6. – 10. 6.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha

PRAGUEMARKET /9/ LÉTO / 11. 8. – 12. 8.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha