Rainbow Girls - is unique graphic art on small canvases (20*20 cm, 25*25 cm, 30*30 cm and d=40 cm), the same as on clothes (t-shirts, tops, dresses etc), pendants and magnettes (plywood), postcards. "Let yourself shine" is the motto.

Rainbow Girls – it’s art on canvases, clothes, interior elements and accessories.

Main characters are bright girls who represent energies of freedom, pure rage, harmony, intelligence, wisdom, self-awareness and following the heart.

Psychedelic mood of the paintings calls for self-exploring and opening doors to different dimensions, the same as bringing love and mindfulness to every single moment of life.

Rainbow Girls is unity of the cosmic and the earthen.

PRAGUEMARKET /12/ LÉTO / 24. 8. – 25. 8.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha