Hello! My name is Elena, I am designer, hands, eyes and heart of the Wonder Flower brand. I create unusual women jewelry from real plants: leaves, flowers, field grasses and moss. I always wanted to have something special things, which no one else has and now,  working with the nature presios, I can not only have it, I  can give it to others) I create every thing unique, because nature has no itself repeat.
 Wonder Flower was founded in 2013 and is actively growing and developing, having admirers all around the world.
  The principles of Wonder Flower - to keep the beauty of the Nature in jewelry pieces and to emphasize the natural beauty of a Woman, her tenderness and enchantment.
To appreciate the individuality and frame it only in worthy materials: brass, silvering, gilding and sterling silver)

P.S. Also this season I want to introduse the new line of jewelry with handmade silken embroidery. These are embroidered miniatures in vintage style, 550 stitches in one square centimeter. The unique sincere treasures, that you can pass on to your children as a legacy)

Every woman is Fairy a little, and Wonder Flower makes her feel so)

* Real flowers, petals and leaves, covered with clear resin and transformed into unique jewelry, to make an unforgettable impression.

* Special limited Jewelry line with handmade silken embroidery wich will make your look elegant and charming.

PRAGUEMARKET /5/ JARO / 12. 5. – 13. 5.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha

PRAGUEMARKET /7/ LÉTO / 9. 6. – 10. 6.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha

PRAGUEMARKET /2/ JARO / 24. 3. – 25. 3.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha

PRAGUEMARKET /4/ JARO / 21. 4. – 22. 4.

Náměstí Republiky, Praha